I Am Healed

Published: January 31, 2008
A repost from katthenomad.multiply.com

I write. 

Combine raw emotions,
with a vulnerable sense of honesty, 

and you’ve got a winning piece.
I wish I could stay honest forever.

But that’s just wishful thinking.

I draw. 

Pencil. Paper. Portraits.
I’ve always loved drawing beautiful women.
Beautiful people.
Beautiful women.
Beautiful places.
Beautiful women.
Still life.
Real life.
But I somehow lost the drive to keep on drawing.

I realized not everything in life is beautiful.

I travel. 
I go where the wind takes me.

I like the uncommon, the unchartered, the intimidating.
Nothing fazes an adventurous soul.

I wish to become an adventurous soul – someday.
My ultimate dream is to just hop on a flight to Siberia,
backpacking westward until I come full circle.

I love the holidays.

There isn’t a season more hyped than Christmas,

and for good reason. 

The contagious merriment,
influences even the most jaded souls.
I know, for I am jaded in my own way.

I am now left-eye blind. 

It’s been a year since the accident,

and I lost a big part of my life because of it.
But I’m not complaining.

I may have lost my left eyesight,
But I haven’t lost an ounce of vigor for love or life.
I have more than I need.

What didn’t kill me has made me stronger.

With the loss came greater gain,

and for that, I am thankful.

I am healed.

© All rights reserved.


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