Warning: This is an Insanely Gay Post

1.) DJ Kantik soothes my nerves like nothing else.


2.) Okay, maybe except for an ice-cold pint of Tooheys New (imissyousomuch). Yeah, I’m ghetto like dutt. Cheap beer rocks my socks.

3.) Then again, nothing beats a beautiful woman spinning on turntables. So I’m gay. Sue me.

4.) Or a perhaps, a perpetually smiling Freja Behaaaa….. <— endless ray of sunshine

5.) Especially with THAT quintessential leather jacket on….. *fangirl mode*

6.) The all-new Cat McNeil isn’t so bad either. Hell, nawww. *ooh la la* I think I feel better already.

7.) But y’know what’s EVEN better?? A long-gone Freja Beha x Cat McNeil dream-made-in-supermodel-heaven. Aww.. breaks my little lesbian heart. *sniffles*

8.) Or even an old Cat McNeil x Ruby Rose (a.k.a. beautiful woman spinning on turntables) snapshot. *sigh* Errr.. Okay, this isn’t helping at all.

9.) If all else fails, there’s always Joan Jett to turn my sorrows to. A classic never dies… and she’s always single anyway.

10.) Gaaahhd. I AM SO GAY.

*brain freeze*



♣ I own none of these photos. Most of them are from tumblr.

    • Just in case anyone gets confused. Thanks for visiting!

    • These aren’t mine. I merely scavenged them (it’s a skill though!). Heh. Thanks! 🙂

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