Top 10: Hottest Celebrity Mothers & Daughters (Part 2)

First part of this series HERE.



I presume no one on this list is more popular than Angelina Jolie, but few people actually know where the good genes come from. Marcheline Bertrand was a fledgling actress in the early seventies, but fate got in the way as she was swept off her feet by the charming Jon Voight. Naturally, as most love stories go, she held off her career for marriage and motherhood. Although the union didn’t last, it did produce one of the most beautiful women known to the world. I guess we can all agree that Angelina Jolie needs no further introduction, ‘no?


Bebe Buell was arguably the most famous groupie of the seventies, having been with practically every rock star worthy of a name — from David Cassidy to Mick Jagger. She was the epitome of a social climber, and a damn good one at that. In fact, so popular was she that the ‘Penny Lane’ character from the movie Almost Famous was inspired by her (along with two other famous groupies of the decade). But what Bebe Buell’s most well-known for, is bearing the child of rock musician Steven Tyler. Initially,  Liv Tyler daughter was kept in the dark about her true paternity, but a chance encounter with the Aerosmith frontman was inevitable — and the striking resemblance said it all.

It amazes me how a girl borne out of such a twisted background can grow up to be as level-headed and decent as Liv Tyler. Not to mention the stunning face. She’s got it all.



As I’ve mentioned in the first part of this countdown, rock stars and supermodels were the ultimate seventies cliché — bar none. And there’s no better representation of this phenomenon than Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall. At the time, The Rolling Stones were reeling off chart topper after chart topper, making them one of the most prolific bands in history. Along with the fame (or infamy, whichever you prefer), came a long line of catwalk-strutting supermodels at their coattails, of which Jerry Hall was the queen bee (personally, I think Patti Hansen was better-looking, but I’m digressing). Naturally, the king of rock music got together with the queen of the catwalk. Now you see why I keep bringing up the word cliché. Four children were borne out of the relationship, including the beautiful Elizabeth and drop-dead gorgeous Georgia May. Both have taken after their mother and are now making names for themselves in the international fashion circuit.

In 1999, as the millennium was coming to a close, it seemed like Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall’s union was about to last forever after twenty-something years. But, the fairy tale just had to end. What can I say? Infidelity is a bitch. Though I guess that’s what most rock stars are good at.


It’s unfortunate Carine Roitfeld had to step down as Paris Vogue’s EIC. Though I can’t complain about Emmanuelle Alt (hot, hot, hot style), I believe Carine R. created Paris Vogue. She was the rogue in a world full of Anna Wintour-esque EICs. Her editorials were always innovative and otherworldly. Dark and mysterious, most of the time, but always a breath of fresh air. The name and the title almost seemed as one. Contrary to Ana W., she may not have been a money-making machine, but she was a genius in her own right. Julia, her daughter, is as much a maverick as her mother. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree — and this is why ilovehersomuch.


Where do I even begin? Let’s just say that before Kate Middleton (or Mary Donaldson, or Charlene Wittstock), there was Grace Kelly. Many stories of commoners-turned-princesses may have come to pass before or after that legendary Monegasque Spring wedding of 1956. But undeniably, Grace Kelly shaped the modern princess. Formidable but graceful. Celebrated but discreet. She was ahead of her time. And monarchies would never be the same again.


Her untimely death in 1982 left behind a son, the reigning Prince Albert of Monaco, and two daughters, Princesses Caroline and Stephanie — who are both as beautiful as their mother. Caroline de Monaco has led a life of royal duties and familial obligations — the life expected of her. The younger Stephanie on the other hand, was, in her own mother’s words, a ‘wild child.’ She pursued a free-wheeling existence full of of spontaneity and abandon, which made her even more appealing to my young mind when I first read about her in the mid-nineties. The dust has finally settled however, and Princess Stephanie now lives a relatively normal life that is more befitting of her title.


Grace Kelly and her daughters showcased generational beauty (and what good genes can do) unlike no other — up until the third generation came along anyway. Because personally, I have to say that Charlotte Casiraghi exceeds ALL expectations.

Physically, Princess Caroline’s daughter is Grace Kelly reincarnated — albeit with a more mysterious countenance. You just can’t help but STARE. Charlotte Casiraghi is living proof of how long, and how far good genes can go. She is part of the new breed of royals, following in the footsteps of her enigmatic grandmother.


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