Okay, not really.

Well aside from her sizzzzzling good looks (I get so weak)…

She’s got one highly articulate (and charming) potty mouth as well.

Ch-ch-ch-check it out!

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RUBY ROSE: I threw up on Katy Perry and it changed my life. I quit the booze.

So true, so true.


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Earlier today, a writer had stumbled upon my blog and took a liking to this post (‘Milestone’) about the two lesbian Navy officers. She too, has a blog, Angels of Secrets; I checked it out. What welcomed me was something I wasn’t prepared for. I don’t think anything could’ve prepared me for what I was about to read. I fell silent, and so did my stomach. My chest tightened. I devoured every word. I can’t remember the last time I engulfed myself into reading as much as I did her blog today.

“I have survived unspeakable crimes against humanity. I survived the hands of a psychopathic killer. I’m the only survivor that can speak for the silenced. I began this blog because I needed to give a voice to the Angels that did not survive. The dead walk with me as Angels of Secrets, I am reminded of them at every turn. I must give them a voice and in doing so, I pray to find peace for my own spirit; forgiveness for the self, forgiveness for each breath I take.” Love, Joan

Painful memories, we all have them, but there is simply no comparison to Joan’s. I’m not even sure if that is her real name  (not that it matters, I respect her privacy), I just feel honored to have found her words. They are both insightful, and hard to read. What moves us is not what comes easy, after all. Right now, I am in the midst of feeling an odd mix of awe, disbelief, empathy, admiration and empowerment — in that order.

Nothing I say can encompass the profoundness of Joan’s story, and what it says about the power of humanity, both good and bad. Surely, her words are a blessing to everyone who reads them, as they have been for me, and an immortal testament to the fearless life she led and lived. May she find the strength to keep on writing, not just to inspire us all, but most especially to heal herself.

Courage, that is she.


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The Philippines may be a million light years away from THIS, but at least our LGBT community can take comfort in knowing that the rest of the world is taking great strides in promoting visibility and equality for gays, lesbians, transgenders and bisexuals.

A wave starts with a ripple, a ripple can start even with the most minute of movements.

Liberation for Pinoy LGBTs can’t be too far behind.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Marissa Gaeta and her girlfriend of two years, Petty Officer 3rd Class Citlalic Snell, share an intimate moment in for the world to see upon a US Navy ship’s return to American soil.

Hot daaaamn. 🙂

Full story HERE (via msnbc).


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I MAY HAVE probably been using the word “awesome” a lot more than usual lately, so let me apologize in advance for the redundancy and my lack of vocabulary (lol).

This woman, however, deserves no less than my ultimate trademark compliment. XiaXue is, in a word, AWESOME, in a very quirky and interesting way. Seeing that photo above, people may deduce this as a very unlikely comment (especially coming from me), so let me give you a little history. A lot of early bloggers (and lurkers) from before 2006, may have already heard of her infamous blog (and I do not use that adjective lightly, just google her name and you’ll see), maybe even stumbled on it at some point in the last 8 years or so. If you are one of them, then might as well skip to the video. If not, read on.

Full disclosure: I was one of the early lurkers back in late ’04 to ’06, but somehow, college life took over my consciousness and I forgot about her blog along the way, only ‘rediscovering’ it a couple of weeks ago. To my surprise, it has gotten more entertaining than ever. No kidding.

Left: school photo of her in the nineties; Right: after several cosmetic surgeries in 2008

An excerpt from the video:

“During my first rhinoplasty, i had an implant put in my nose, my ala’s cut, and also the tip of my nose reduced. When I did that surgery, I was very, very unhappy with my previous nose and just basically wanted it smaller. So, I told my surgeon: just smaller, I don’t care what else you do, just FREAKING make it SMALLER because it is so fucking humongous…”

XiaXue‘s candid nature and brutal honesty are precious in a world where discretion and diplomacy (hypocrisy if you must) rule the roost. She has haters, that is expected of course, but she has even more followers: 40,000 unique visitors everyday to be exact. A sure sign that she must be doing something right.

Take for instance this seven month old video where she talks in detail about the various surgical ‘enhancements’ done to her face. It left me speechless the first time I saw it. All I could say was, ‘DAMN, this girl has guts!’

Let it be known that I do not necessarily agree with some of her convictions, her penchant for plastic surgery or with what she deems beautiful. But this I have to say, you gotta give the woman credit for literally putting herself out there — imperfections, two eyelid surgeries, two nose jobs, fillers, botox and godknowswhatelse. TGFXX.


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MY FATHER grew up firmly believing he was going to be a dentist someday. As a child, he was stubborn, albeit ambitious — determined not to follow the missteps taken by his father and grandparents in squandering their wealth. He is a go-getter with a tongue that cuts through steel, more often that not speaking without regard for tact, or hypocrisy for the sake of diplomacy. A typical alpha male, with a quirky sensibility devoid of superficial desires for keeping up appearances. What you see is what you get. I look up to my dad, but this entry isn’t about him so he will have to wait. Haha.

MY MOTHER, on the hand, is a somewhat different story. My grandparents weren’t rich, but valued education, and made sure to give their children the best they could. Owing to diligence (and good genes), Mama always got top honors throughout her elementary and high school years, and graduated cum laude from dental school in 1984. Her parents didn’t even need to push her to achieve; she was an innate go-getter. Unlike my father however, Mama always had a certain finesse about her, always careful with her words. She speaks eloquently and with tact, never being deliberately offensive or insulting. I wish I could say the same for myself, but I am undeniably more like my father in that regard (see photo below). Mama’s post-graduate studies in Orthodontics gave even more accolades to her name, garnering ALL seven “Best in-“ awards — a feat unmatched before OR even after her in the history of that Philippine orthodontic organization.

I am still in awe at how I, a stereotypical slacker, could be the daughter of such an achiever.

Mama didn’t always want to become a dentist, though. She grew up aspiring to become a nurse, and then a doctor — not surprising considering my great-grandfather who was a physician, helped my lola give birth to her. My great-grandfather, Felix Amorsolo, was a doctor who graduated at the top of his class in UST and did his postgraduate studies at Georgetown University before WWII broke out. He was brilliant at his craft, and could’ve made himself into a very rich man, but chose to serve in the barrios of Davao Oriental instead (for what reason, I don’t know). I suppose this inspired my mother to seek the same path, always carrying a sense of altruism (and I’m not just saying this to sound patronizing), but it wasn’t meant to be. My lolo wouldn’t let her, citing her (then) thin frame and weak health. She acquiesced and studied Accounting instead (she’s good at math too!), before shifting to Dentistry.

While studying Dentistry in Cebu, she would save every penny from her monthly allowance after buying groceries and other essentials, while her sister (who studied dentistry at the same time) would blow her allowance on clothes and trips out of town. It was often the case that my mother had to feed her younger sister for weeks after every trip because by then, my Tita had already spent every last centavo of her allowance. Haha. It’s a funny story my mom relishes to tell us every now and then (to my tita’s ire, I presume). A similar, albeit not-so-funny, symbiosis worked with my mother and her older brother as well. For a long time, Mama used to lend money to my Tito to get his family through hard times, mainly due to his alcoholism and gambling (we all have our family hang ups). As a child, I was well-aware of this “arrangement” and often chastised my cousins (my Tito’s children) for it. I was mad at them for taking Mama’s money which could’ve been spent on me and my brothers. Admittedly, I was a selfish young brat. Growing up however, I saw the wisdom in Mama’s actions and began to feel a newfound appreciation and gratitude for having a mother as generous as mine. 

She is simply one of the most selfless people I know.

Mama rarely goes shopping. Although she can very well afford it, she doesn’t spend a lot on herself, choosing to dispense her hard-earned money on her children’s needs (and whims). And unlike most women, she shuns wearing make-up (no kidding) and avoids shopping for the latest fashions unless absolutely necessary. At this point, I will even go so far as to say that she is the epitome of simplicity. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to paint my mother as a saint — she isn’t. Like most people, she has her indulgences as well. Household renovations, furniture, food and cookware are her guilty pleasure of choice (which drives my uber thrifty and stingy dad crazy). With that said, I guess she isn’t that simple after all, but it doesn’t make her any less of the awesome person I know her to be.

Wife. Mother. Dentist. Chef. Architect (she designed our house). Accountant (she does all the accounting for our businesses). Daughter. Sister. Friend… et al.

*photo taken with patient’s consent

She is a very complex woman; more complex than I can ever give her justice. To me, she is inimitable. A jack of all trades, and a master of all as well. And I’m the proudest daughter in the world for having her as my momma!

Happy 50th Birthday, Ma! 😀

(Sorry for divulging your age, lol).


P.S. We don’t say “I love you”s in our family. Eewww. Like I said, we all have our family hang ups. 😉

Bette Porter is my hero. Take that with a grain of salt if you must, for not everything I say should be taken seriously — or should it? Beneath the satirical facade I always try to put up, those who truly know me, may very well scoff at this sad attempt at masking true emotions — just as I always have. Because anything that comes out of my potty mouth always bears some weight of the truth, albeit often wrapped in sarcasm or perceived indifference.

Romance and all its strategy
Leaves me battling with my pride
But through the insecurity
Some tenderness survives

Mistakes were part and parcel of Bette Porter‘s existence, as they were/are in mine, and often with uncanny similarities I cannot divulge. She may be a fictional character, but through her, I felt my everyday struggles were given validity — that they weren’t just shallow trivialities of lesbian existence.

I’m just another writer
Still trapped within my truth
A hesitant prize fighter
Still trapped within my youth

Like most fictional protagonists, Bette and Tina’s story was prettily summed up in a happy ending. And as much as I wish all stories could end up like that, the truth is, they rarely don’t. Because most real life relationships end up way past the breaking point, beyond repair, where a resolution just isn’t possible anymore. But underneath all this, is an unspoken truth, a lesson which tells us that we’re not just pawns in the game of life. We can take control if and when we wish to, but vulnerability is an essential part of the process. This is why Bette Porter is my hero. She’s fiction, but at the same time, she’s as real as can be, because she showed me that even strong women can and will feel pain.

She taught me that women, no matter how tough, still need to have a good cry every now and then before they can pick themselves up again.


My favorite lesbian high fashion couple are BACK by popular demand(!) — as evidenced by consistently high stats for THIS previous Frejzona post.

As much as I love fashion models, I am no fan of magazine editorials, so I shall only be posting my favorite CANDID shots (mostly from PFW 09/10 & 10/11). All the better, ‘no?

I thought so.

FYI: Freja Beha Erichsen and Arizona Muse are the world’s no. 2 and no. 7 top runway models, respectively, according to

There’s no denying ‘Freja Beha x Arizona Muse is rocking everyone’s socks.

And I’m loving

Bonus: Here’s a three-month old video of Freja and Arizona for Doctors Without Borders.


You’re welcome. 🙂



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