Okay, not really.

Well aside from her sizzzzzling good looks (I get so weak)…

She’s got one highly articulate (and charming) potty mouth as well.

Ch-ch-ch-check it out!

CLICK the link below.

RUBY ROSE: I threw up on Katy Perry and it changed my life. I quit the booze.

So true, so true.


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I got mail todaaaay! 🙂

(Yes, that is a football/soccer ball ottoman)

Sorry, too excited.

I ripped it right out of the plastic bag. #superfail

I ordered this from I AM HIGH MAINTENANCE (

They’ve got tons of great stuff. Some are on sale, up to 80% off!

Had a bit of trouble with customer service though, their main phone line wasn’t working.

Good thing it came nicely boxed and wrapped. #sosyal

I waited 3 days for this. It should’ve arrived yesterday.

Guess I couldn’t have picked a better time for shipping through mail, no?! Haha.

Well here we go…… Tadaaaaah!

The Sass & Bide tag sent my heart-a-flutter. ❤

You see, most jeans from Philippine brands don’t fit well on me (wide hips, long legs), so it’s such a blessing to find jeans that do!

Sidenote: In fact, I only have three(!) working jeans at the moment. lol. #embarrassing

I big shout out to my cousin, Colleen, for introducing me to Sass & Bide 4 years ago!! 😀

So…. how do I look?? 😉

(Apologies for my pet monkey’s tail hanging on the upper left hand side.)

To be honest though, I was counting on a more snug fit.

Guess I should pick out a smaller size next time.

But on the other hand, I didn’t expect them to be soooo……….. FREJA!!!

(read: so lesbo! lol)

Pleasant surpriiiiiise then. 😀

From now on, I shall name this pair my FREJA jeans!! Hahahaha.

Of course, looking like her is a far-fetched illusion, but….. a girl can dream, ‘no? lol

Ciao for now. 🙂

Happy Holidays everyone!!!


Peace and love,

I MAY HAVE probably been using the word “awesome” a lot more than usual lately, so let me apologize in advance for the redundancy and my lack of vocabulary (lol).

This woman, however, deserves no less than my ultimate trademark compliment. XiaXue is, in a word, AWESOME, in a very quirky and interesting way. Seeing that photo above, people may deduce this as a very unlikely comment (especially coming from me), so let me give you a little history. A lot of early bloggers (and lurkers) from before 2006, may have already heard of her infamous blog (and I do not use that adjective lightly, just google her name and you’ll see), maybe even stumbled on it at some point in the last 8 years or so. If you are one of them, then might as well skip to the video. If not, read on.

Full disclosure: I was one of the early lurkers back in late ’04 to ’06, but somehow, college life took over my consciousness and I forgot about her blog along the way, only ‘rediscovering’ it a couple of weeks ago. To my surprise, it has gotten more entertaining than ever. No kidding.

Left: school photo of her in the nineties; Right: after several cosmetic surgeries in 2008

An excerpt from the video:

“During my first rhinoplasty, i had an implant put in my nose, my ala’s cut, and also the tip of my nose reduced. When I did that surgery, I was very, very unhappy with my previous nose and just basically wanted it smaller. So, I told my surgeon: just smaller, I don’t care what else you do, just FREAKING make it SMALLER because it is so fucking humongous…”

XiaXue‘s candid nature and brutal honesty are precious in a world where discretion and diplomacy (hypocrisy if you must) rule the roost. She has haters, that is expected of course, but she has even more followers: 40,000 unique visitors everyday to be exact. A sure sign that she must be doing something right.

Take for instance this seven month old video where she talks in detail about the various surgical ‘enhancements’ done to her face. It left me speechless the first time I saw it. All I could say was, ‘DAMN, this girl has guts!’

Let it be known that I do not necessarily agree with some of her convictions, her penchant for plastic surgery or with what she deems beautiful. But this I have to say, you gotta give the woman credit for literally putting herself out there — imperfections, two eyelid surgeries, two nose jobs, fillers, botox and godknowswhatelse. TGFXX.


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My favorite lesbian high fashion couple are BACK by popular demand(!) — as evidenced by consistently high stats for THIS previous Frejzona post.

As much as I love fashion models, I am no fan of magazine editorials, so I shall only be posting my favorite CANDID shots (mostly from PFW 09/10 & 10/11). All the better, ‘no?

I thought so.

FYI: Freja Beha Erichsen and Arizona Muse are the world’s no. 2 and no. 7 top runway models, respectively, according to

There’s no denying ‘Freja Beha x Arizona Muse is rocking everyone’s socks.

And I’m loving

Bonus: Here’s a three-month old video of Freja and Arizona for Doctors Without Borders.


You’re welcome. 🙂



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WARNING: This is a picture-heavy post.


Arriving late at night and getting hassled by South Korean immigration wasn’t a good start for my semestral break vacation.

Soon after arriving at the hostel, we slept away our stress into the morning.

This is KC all bundled up. It was 11 degrees outside.

Waking up extra early, we were pumped for the day ahead. Chungjeongno Station was only a few steps away (literally) from our hostel, so that was convenient.

Before getting anywhere, first on the agenda was figuring out Seoul’s subway system.

We purchased some T-money cards (Seoul City Pass) at this high-tech vending machine.

Seriously, Japan and South Korea are well ahead of the west when it comes to technology.

On a side note: Yay for stored-money cards! We don’t have to get our hands dirty when fishing for loose change!

The Seoul CityPass even came with some discount coupons (though we never got to use them).

Wonder when the Philippines will keep up with the rest of Asia?

At most subway stations in central Seoul, virtual tourist guides are omnipresent, such as this.


I remember having machines like this in Singapore and Hong Kong as well.

I therefore conclude that MISSHA is the 7/11 of Seoul subway stations.

I think I saw more MISSHA cosmetics stores than actual 7/11s. Hmmm… Only in South Korea! 😀

Oh, and don’t forget the ubiquitous lingerie shops too!

They’re everywhere! And they’re so…….. PINK. Hurts my eyes. (@_@)

Miss Hydrocephalic Head says “안녕하세요!” (Anyong haseyo!)

After about 10 minutes of eventful walking through the station, we finally arrived at the trains.

We didn’t have to wait long.

Although most of Seoul’s subways are old (built in the 70s and 80s), the trains are fast, efficient and on time.

No hassle.

Our first stop: Itaewon.

It’s supposedly the main district of most expatriates, and although we’re far from being expatriates, I figured it would have many English signboards (duh), thereby making the place easy to locate food joints, which in my mind is as good of an orientation to Seoul as it gets.

Crappy justification, I know.

Most of the time, I’m a thrill-seeking foodie in search of exotic (and cheap!) holes-in-the-wall. They make for the most interesting meals.

But I wasn’t feeling too adventurous then, as evidenced by my rumbling tummy. I just wanted to EAT.

With starving stomachs, we finally decided on……. Taco Bell.

LOL. Yeah, I can hear the howls of laughter right about now. 😛

I am sorry for this uber FAIL first Seoul foodie post, but you have to understand, we were hungry and I just wanted to stuff myself silly with comfort food.

Besides, I haven’t had Taco Bell in a while (reasons, reasons…).

My raging appetite was tempted to order the El Grande Burrito Salad, but deferred to the Lite Beef Soft Taco, Taco Supreme and Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla.

Not exactly the best meal ever, but it was soooo darn good on an empty stomach. Yummo!!

They had the nicest staff too!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Koreans look so cute without even trying.

I’m not a fan of most abstract artworks (I find them to be a last resort for people who can’t draw shit), but these were awesome. Light-hearted and fun. My kind of abstracticism. 

These look like something my graphic artist friend, Megg, would do.

After our Taco Bell smorgasbord, we meandered through Itaewon’s cute hilly alleyways and found THIS charming bakery, which (as we found out) is apparently a tete-a-tete joint for foreigners, yuppies and old Korean women catching up on their gossip.


I love Tartine’s logo.

The 1940s woman is a fitting emblem.

The place is too lovely for words, ‘no?

The bread station.

The dessert selection left me in a tizzy. So many to choose from.

But my eyes were set on the Rhubart Tart.

It was, for lack of better words, absolutely delish! And I’m not just saying that for the sake of patronizing description. See, I have a thing for random spikes of sourness in my food, and this tart had just the right amount of sweet and sour to keep me digging in for more.

KC didn’t enjoy it much as her definition of dessert is sugar overload. All the better I suppose because I devoured the entire thing myself. *burp*

We walked off the Taco Bell + Rhubard Tart calorie-overload around the rest of Itaewon and chanced upon a souvenir shop called “Rainbow Souvenirs.”

Surprisingly, the “rainbow” actually did mean something significant. The two female owners of the shop were a couple! And they were already in their forties! Awww… I think my heart swelled a little bit just by looking at them.

Homosexuality isn’t generally accepted nor is it a common topic for small talk in South Korea. So it was nice seeing two people going at it (so to speak), despite all odds. I was inspired. Go support Rainbow Souvenirs now! 🙂

We walked to the far end of Itaewon and spotted this hot American(?) army chick in camouflage.

Helloooooo… 🙂

We thought seeing this chick was so awesome. But we soon discovered that military personnel in Itaewon are a-dime-a-dozen.

For what reason, I’m not sure, but I figure it has something to do with the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone).

On another note, I wish I’d taken the DMZ tour (but my companions chickened out), so I’ll have to do that another time. More reason to go back to Seoul!

Funny how they’re standing right in front of a Skin Food beauty shop. LOL.

After a few more minutes of walking (best exercise ever!), KC announced that she wanted to do some shopping (which was the most surprising thing I’ve heard all day considering how decidedly unfashionable she/we are).

But with nothing better to do, I conceded.

We hopped on a train and took the MTR to Dongdaemun.

The Dondaemun area is home to South Korea’s largest wholesale and retail fashion malls. And when I say largest, I mean LARGEST. There were no less than 15 mega-buildings in that area alone, all housing shopping complexes with clothes ranging from bargain buys to high-street.

This is the ancient “Gate to Dongdaemun.” Pretty cool.

I literally got cross-eyed just deciding on which building to go into.

That being said, I highly suggest you skip Dongdaemun if you’re not a die-hard fashionista or retailer of Korean-style clothes. This place will wear you out! Save yourselves the hassle.

After about an hour of browsing through racks and racks of merchandise, we started wondering where THE GROCERY was.

We just had lunch of course, but being our usual foodie selves, we were always on the lookout for more chow.

We saw a couple of pojangmachas (small tented restaurants) around the area for hungry shoppers, but there was no sight of any grocery store.

Here’s lola and her pojangmacha.

All plates were wrapped in plastic and overgloves were used at all times. How hygienic. Reminds me of infection control protocols in dental school. Hmmm…

We came and went into about 3 more buildings before realizing that aside from 7/11s, large grocery stores were NON-EXISTENT in Dongdaemun. Say whaaaaat??

Yeah. Apparently the Koreans like to shop for clothes without having to be tempted by fattening shopping sprees at the grocery. HOW SAD.

Well, thank god for random food stalls that made us feel better.

Soon after having our fill of these goodies on sticks, we left Dongdaemun and headed for Seoul Station, where the largest LOTTE Mart (grocery store) in Seoul is (as suggested by a volunteer tourist information guide).

For what it sounded like, we were expecting a pretty big smorgasbord of perishable grocery goods. But we soon found out that South Koreans DO NOT like to eat NOR do they like grocery shopping.

The Seoul Station LOTTE Mart was big, yes, but about 1/3 of its floor space was consumed by cosmetic products (Face Shop, Skin Food, Aritaum, IOPE, Laneige, et al).  Only in Seoul.

KC, who is a chocoholic (understatement), was beyond disappointed at the sheer lack of chocolate and candy selections which didn’t even occupy half of one aisle!

We’ve never seen so little foodstuff in such a big grocery store. Insane.

Personally, I was both amused, and exasperated.

We figured, there’s no use fighting the system. South Koreans are vain, so we might as well hoard all the cheap skin care and cosmetics we can get. Ride the wave, as they say.

By some lucky twist of fate however, KC discovered the BEST moisturizer for her overly-sensitive skin: Laneige.

Now weren’t we just glad South Koreans are SO. DARN. VAIN?!

Later that night, we had our first proper Korean meal at a popular restaurant in Seoul’s University area of Hongdae, which is absolutely picture-perfect at night.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember the restaurant’s name because there was no English translation. Sorry.

The place was pretty spartan, but served amazing food. No wonder a lot of people were flocking to it.

Here’s me and my sad, hungry tanga face. (No food on table yet.)

Now this is ME and my happy face (see: glorious food on the table). *drool*

Now, KC and her happy face (…and that big SLAB of meat). Oh daaang.

Enough food to feed a small army.

Enough food to feed our two stomachs.

We are gourmands. Here us RAWRRR.

BEST rice bowl meal everrrr!

The crispy nori strips made all the difference. I still have dreams about it.

With stuffed bellies, we hightailed it back to our hostel for a good night’s sleep.

By the end of the day, we were already making plans of going back. *fingers crossed for promo fare*

Needless to say, Seoul ‘had us at hello.’ 🙂

NEXT UP: Insa-dong, Myeong-dong and more of Hongdae!


First part of this series HERE.



I presume no one on this list is more popular than Angelina Jolie, but few people actually know where the good genes come from. Marcheline Bertrand was a fledgling actress in the early seventies, but fate got in the way as she was swept off her feet by the charming Jon Voight. Naturally, as most love stories go, she held off her career for marriage and motherhood. Although the union didn’t last, it did produce one of the most beautiful women known to the world. I guess we can all agree that Angelina Jolie needs no further introduction, ‘no?


Bebe Buell was arguably the most famous groupie of the seventies, having been with practically every rock star worthy of a name — from David Cassidy to Mick Jagger. She was the epitome of a social climber, and a damn good one at that. In fact, so popular was she that the ‘Penny Lane’ character from the movie Almost Famous was inspired by her (along with two other famous groupies of the decade). But what Bebe Buell’s most well-known for, is bearing the child of rock musician Steven Tyler. Initially,  Liv Tyler daughter was kept in the dark about her true paternity, but a chance encounter with the Aerosmith frontman was inevitable — and the striking resemblance said it all.

It amazes me how a girl borne out of such a twisted background can grow up to be as level-headed and decent as Liv Tyler. Not to mention the stunning face. She’s got it all.



As I’ve mentioned in the first part of this countdown, rock stars and supermodels were the ultimate seventies cliché — bar none. And there’s no better representation of this phenomenon than Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall. At the time, The Rolling Stones were reeling off chart topper after chart topper, making them one of the most prolific bands in history. Along with the fame (or infamy, whichever you prefer), came a long line of catwalk-strutting supermodels at their coattails, of which Jerry Hall was the queen bee (personally, I think Patti Hansen was better-looking, but I’m digressing). Naturally, the king of rock music got together with the queen of the catwalk. Now you see why I keep bringing up the word cliché. Four children were borne out of the relationship, including the beautiful Elizabeth and drop-dead gorgeous Georgia May. Both have taken after their mother and are now making names for themselves in the international fashion circuit.

In 1999, as the millennium was coming to a close, it seemed like Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall’s union was about to last forever after twenty-something years. But, the fairy tale just had to end. What can I say? Infidelity is a bitch. Though I guess that’s what most rock stars are good at.


It’s unfortunate Carine Roitfeld had to step down as Paris Vogue’s EIC. Though I can’t complain about Emmanuelle Alt (hot, hot, hot style), I believe Carine R. created Paris Vogue. She was the rogue in a world full of Anna Wintour-esque EICs. Her editorials were always innovative and otherworldly. Dark and mysterious, most of the time, but always a breath of fresh air. The name and the title almost seemed as one. Contrary to Ana W., she may not have been a money-making machine, but she was a genius in her own right. Julia, her daughter, is as much a maverick as her mother. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree — and this is why ilovehersomuch.


Where do I even begin? Let’s just say that before Kate Middleton (or Mary Donaldson, or Charlene Wittstock), there was Grace Kelly. Many stories of commoners-turned-princesses may have come to pass before or after that legendary Monegasque Spring wedding of 1956. But undeniably, Grace Kelly shaped the modern princess. Formidable but graceful. Celebrated but discreet. She was ahead of her time. And monarchies would never be the same again.


Her untimely death in 1982 left behind a son, the reigning Prince Albert of Monaco, and two daughters, Princesses Caroline and Stephanie — who are both as beautiful as their mother. Caroline de Monaco has led a life of royal duties and familial obligations — the life expected of her. The younger Stephanie on the other hand, was, in her own mother’s words, a ‘wild child.’ She pursued a free-wheeling existence full of of spontaneity and abandon, which made her even more appealing to my young mind when I first read about her in the mid-nineties. The dust has finally settled however, and Princess Stephanie now lives a relatively normal life that is more befitting of her title.


Grace Kelly and her daughters showcased generational beauty (and what good genes can do) unlike no other — up until the third generation came along anyway. Because personally, I have to say that Charlotte Casiraghi exceeds ALL expectations.

Physically, Princess Caroline’s daughter is Grace Kelly reincarnated — albeit with a more mysterious countenance. You just can’t help but STARE. Charlotte Casiraghi is living proof of how long, and how far good genes can go. She is part of the new breed of royals, following in the footsteps of her enigmatic grandmother.


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I love reading (and making) Top 10 lists.

List objectification can be fun, even if it isn’t exactly intellectual fodder (paradox intended), but especially when it involves beautiful freaks of nature such as these mothers and daughters.

It’s hard enough picking just ten, much more, putting them in order (not that I’m in any position to say who’s better-looking than others). But since this is a Top 10 list, I am obliged to concede.

The ranking is at my own discretion and is based on nothing more than random criteria I have dreamt up in my own mind (which doesn’t really give this list any tangible credibility).

For questions, suggestions or violent reactions, do drop me a comment below. Thanks.

All disclaimers aside, let’s begin the countdown, shall we?



The late UK TV presenter, Paula Yates, led a troubled life. Dying of an overdose at 41, she left behind four daughters, and a multitude of unassumed responsibilities. That couldn’t have been easy for any child. So I’m cutting Pixie Geldof some slack for being a ‘Boomtown brat.’ She seems, however, to have grown into her own dignified person as of late, so that’s another point up her alley. If only she swings both ways, the world would be a much better place. Sigh.


I know, I know. Not exactly a conventional choice, but the genius is in the details. Courtney Love‘s swag is unlike any other, and her daughter has clearly caught that spark. Notwithstanding the late Kurt Cobain’s awesome genes, of course. The latest set of pictures from a photoshoot by Hedi Slimane aren’t helping my obsession for the tattooed Frances Bean Cobain either. She is both charming, and disarming — a lethal mix.



No disrespect to Amber, but I don’t think anyone in the family can beat the ethereal beauty of eighties supermodel Yasmin Le Bon. It is dumbfounding how she hasn’t seemed to age a day in 20 years! To me, she is the epitome of G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S., so apologies for the extended praises (self-confessed fangirl here). On another note, Amber Le Bon has her own unique qualities as well. The prominent pout and strong eyes are all her own. Distinctions in contrast to her mother’s conventional coutnenance, but she holds them well. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that she looks a lot like Dasha Zhukova too (*sigh*), which instantly gives her more leverage in my books.



Quick fact: the famous (or infamous, depending on which end of the spending spectrum you’re at) Hermès Birkin was named after the English-born actress and singer, Jane Birkin. She’s well-known the world over for her style (quintessential wicker basket included), toothy smile and romantic dalliances. But more than anything, Jane Birkin embodied the soul of the 70s — erotic and passionate yet free-flowing and easy-going. Her daughter, Lou Doillon, has imbibed the same sensibility, albeit with a more cutting edge. Equine features bearing a strong look is not hard to miss. Pair that with a natural flair for putting clothes together, Lou Doillon has now become a fashion industry favorite. Full disclosure: she’s one of my personal crushes, though I wish Gigola had ended on a more favorable note.



In the seventies, rock stars and supermodels were the ultimate cliché. Keith Richards and Patti Hansen were no different, producing one of rock n’ roll’s most famous couples. He had the talent, she had the beauty. Not a bad trade off, in my opinion. Surprisingly though, unlike many other pairs of the decade, this union has actually lasted for close to 30 years(!) now. Amazing. Luckily, their children won out in the gene gamble and inherited most of their chiseled features from their beautiful mother. Sure, traces of Keith Richards’s roughage are evident, but that only adds even more character to Alexandra‘s and Theodora‘s faces. Win-win all around. Life is not fair.


UP NEXT: Top 10 Celebrity Mothers & Daughters (Part 2) HERE.


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Edie Sedgewick via crookedteeth.blogspot


Hillary Rodham Clinton via thestencil


Charlotte Casiraghi via brusday


Elle “The Body” Macpherson via styles2day


Ellen DeGeneres via lenasbeat.wordpress

Beauty + Brains + Breeding + Body + Bucks = Perfection? Sure.

Often desired, but rarely possessed. 

Perfection is an illusion. 

Rock what you've got. #justsaying


1.) DJ Kantik soothes my nerves like nothing else.


2.) Okay, maybe except for an ice-cold pint of Tooheys New (imissyousomuch). Yeah, I’m ghetto like dutt. Cheap beer rocks my socks.

3.) Then again, nothing beats a beautiful woman spinning on turntables. So I’m gay. Sue me.

4.) Or a perhaps, a perpetually smiling Freja Behaaaa….. <— endless ray of sunshine

5.) Especially with THAT quintessential leather jacket on….. *fangirl mode*

6.) The all-new Cat McNeil isn’t so bad either. Hell, nawww. *ooh la la* I think I feel better already.

7.) But y’know what’s EVEN better?? A long-gone Freja Beha x Cat McNeil dream-made-in-supermodel-heaven. Aww.. breaks my little lesbian heart. *sniffles*

8.) Or even an old Cat McNeil x Ruby Rose (a.k.a. beautiful woman spinning on turntables) snapshot. *sigh* Errr.. Okay, this isn’t helping at all.

9.) If all else fails, there’s always Joan Jett to turn my sorrows to. A classic never dies… and she’s always single anyway.

10.) Gaaahhd. I AM SO GAY.

*brain freeze*



♣ I own none of these photos. Most of them are from tumblr.

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