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I love reading (and making) Top 10 lists.

List objectification can be fun, even if it isn’t exactly intellectual fodder (paradox intended), but especially when it involves beautiful freaks of nature such as these mothers and daughters.

It’s hard enough picking just ten, much more, putting them in order (not that I’m in any position to say who’s better-looking than others). But since this is a Top 10 list, I am obliged to concede.

The ranking is at my own discretion and is based on nothing more than random criteria I have dreamt up in my own mind (which doesn’t really give this list any tangible credibility).

For questions, suggestions or violent reactions, do drop me a comment below. Thanks.

All disclaimers aside, let’s begin the countdown, shall we?



The late UK TV presenter, Paula Yates, led a troubled life. Dying of an overdose at 41, she left behind four daughters, and a multitude of unassumed responsibilities. That couldn’t have been easy for any child. So I’m cutting Pixie Geldof some slack for being a ‘Boomtown brat.’ She seems, however, to have grown into her own dignified person as of late, so that’s another point up her alley. If only she swings both ways, the world would be a much better place. Sigh.


I know, I know. Not exactly a conventional choice, but the genius is in the details. Courtney Love‘s swag is unlike any other, and her daughter has clearly caught that spark. Notwithstanding the late Kurt Cobain’s awesome genes, of course. The latest set of pictures from a photoshoot by Hedi Slimane aren’t helping my obsession for the tattooed Frances Bean Cobain either. She is both charming, and disarming — a lethal mix.



No disrespect to Amber, but I don’t think anyone in the family can beat the ethereal beauty of eighties supermodel Yasmin Le Bon. It is dumbfounding how she hasn’t seemed to age a day in 20 years! To me, she is the epitome of G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S., so apologies for the extended praises (self-confessed fangirl here). On another note, Amber Le Bon has her own unique qualities as well. The prominent pout and strong eyes are all her own. Distinctions in contrast to her mother’s conventional coutnenance, but she holds them well. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that she looks a lot like Dasha Zhukova too (*sigh*), which instantly gives her more leverage in my books.



Quick fact: the famous (or infamous, depending on which end of the spending spectrum you’re at) Hermès Birkin was named after the English-born actress and singer, Jane Birkin. She’s well-known the world over for her style (quintessential wicker basket included), toothy smile and romantic dalliances. But more than anything, Jane Birkin embodied the soul of the 70s — erotic and passionate yet free-flowing and easy-going. Her daughter, Lou Doillon, has imbibed the same sensibility, albeit with a more cutting edge. Equine features bearing a strong look is not hard to miss. Pair that with a natural flair for putting clothes together, Lou Doillon has now become a fashion industry favorite. Full disclosure: she’s one of my personal crushes, though I wish Gigola had ended on a more favorable note.



In the seventies, rock stars and supermodels were the ultimate cliché. Keith Richards and Patti Hansen were no different, producing one of rock n’ roll’s most famous couples. He had the talent, she had the beauty. Not a bad trade off, in my opinion. Surprisingly though, unlike many other pairs of the decade, this union has actually lasted for close to 30 years(!) now. Amazing. Luckily, their children won out in the gene gamble and inherited most of their chiseled features from their beautiful mother. Sure, traces of Keith Richards’s roughage are evident, but that only adds even more character to Alexandra‘s and Theodora‘s faces. Win-win all around. Life is not fair.


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